8-week course feedback

7th grader

"I was once taking a test when I came across a problem which I did not know how to solve.  I used mindfulness to calm myself down.  I continued through the test a little bit less nervous.  After a while I recalled the method to solve that problem."

5th grader

"When I was upset with my sister, breathing helped me."

3rd grader

"When I am really upset, scared, over excited, I use mindfulness to help me calm down."

Parent of a 4th grader

..."there are several ways in which I could tell that the class was helping him be more calm, and mindful and pay attention to himself in a healthy way. So I wanted to say THANK YOU again..."

4th grader

"Mindfulness is a better way then yelling and getting in trouble."

8th grader

"I was beginning to get frustrated with myself and stressed over all I had to do.  I used mindful breathing to at least begin to calm down enough to realize what I was doing."